Diy Farmhouse Crafts For Christmas

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Christmas is the perfect time to get creative and decorate your home with beautiful crafts. If you love the rustic and cozy feel of farmhouse decor, then DIY farmhouse crafts are the way to go. In this article, we will explore some easy and fun farmhouse craft ideas that you can try this Christmas season. From wreaths to ornaments, these crafts will add a touch of warmth and charm to your home.

1. Rustic Wreaths

One of the most iconic farmhouse decor items is a wreath. Create your own rustic wreath using natural materials like pinecones, twigs, and burlap. You can also add some festive elements like berries, ribbons, or miniature ornaments to give it a Christmas touch. Hang it on your front door or above your fireplace to welcome guests with a warm farmhouse feel.

2. Mason Jar Centerpieces

Mason jars are versatile and can be transformed into beautiful centerpieces for your Christmas table. Fill them with pine branches, holly berries, or fairy lights to create a cozy and festive atmosphere. You can also add some cinnamon sticks or dried oranges for a delightful scent. Place them on a burlap runner and surround them with rustic wooden candle holders for a complete farmhouse look.

3. Wooden Signs

Add a personal touch to your farmhouse decor with custom wooden signs. Paint or stain a piece of reclaimed wood and write a festive message or quote on it using stencils or freehand. Hang it on your wall or prop it up on a mantel for a rustic and charming Christmas decoration.

4. Burlap Stockings

No farmhouse Christmas decor is complete without burlap stockings. Sew or glue together burlap fabric in the shape of stockings and embellish them with lace, ribbons, or wooden buttons. Hang them from your mantel or staircase for a cozy and rustic touch.

5. Farmhouse Ornaments

Add some farmhouse charm to your Christmas tree with DIY farmhouse ornaments. Use wooden slices, twine, and paint to create adorable ornaments in the shape of farm animals, rustic stars, or miniature barns. Hang them on your tree and watch them bring a touch of rustic elegance to your holiday decorations.

6. Farmhouse Advent Calendar

Count down the days until Christmas with a farmhouse-inspired advent calendar. Create small burlap or fabric bags and fill them with treats or small gifts. Hang them on a rustic wooden board or attach them to a wire frame shaped like a Christmas tree. This interactive decoration will not only add charm to your home but also bring joy to your family as you open a new bag every day.

7. Candle Holders

Add a cozy glow to your farmhouse Christmas decor with homemade candle holders. Use mason jars, glass bottles, or tin cans and wrap them with burlap, lace, or twine. Place a votive candle inside and watch as the flickering light creates a warm and inviting ambiance in your home.

8. Farmhouse Table Runner

Dress up your Christmas table with a farmhouse-inspired table runner. Use burlap or linen fabric and add a touch of lace or ribbon for a rustic and elegant look. Arrange some pine branches, pinecones, or candles along the runner to complete the farmhouse Christmas theme.

9. DIY Farmhouse Christmas Cards

Get creative and make your own farmhouse-inspired Christmas cards. Use kraft paper or cardstock and decorate them with rustic elements like twine, wooden buttons, or stamped farm animal images. Write a heartfelt message inside and send them out to your loved ones to spread the farmhouse Christmas cheer.


DIY farmhouse crafts are a wonderful way to add warmth and charm to your Christmas decor. From wreaths to ornaments, there are plenty of creative ideas to try. Get inspired by the rustic beauty of farmhouse style and let your creativity shine this holiday season. Happy crafting!

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