Diy Burlap Christmas Decorations

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DIY Burlap Christmas Decorations


Christmas is a wonderful time of the year when we decorate our homes with festive cheer. If you’re looking to add a rustic touch to your holiday decor, then burlap is the perfect material to work with. In this article, we will provide you with some creative and easy DIY burlap Christmas decoration ideas that you can try out this year.

1. Burlap Christmas Tree Ornaments

Burlap can be transformed into beautiful tree ornaments that will add a unique charm to your Christmas tree. Cut out shapes like stars, hearts, or Christmas trees from burlap and decorate them with ribbons, buttons, or glitter. Attach a string to hang them on the tree branches.

2. Burlap Stockings

Add a rustic touch to your fireplace by creating burlap stockings. Cut out stocking shapes from burlap and sew them together. Decorate them with lace, ribbons, or even paint names on them. Hang them from your mantelpiece and fill them with small gifts and treats.

3. Burlap Wreaths

A burlap wreath is a beautiful and simple way to decorate your front door. Cut strips of burlap and wrap them around a foam wreath form, securing them with hot glue. Embellish the wreath with pinecones, berries, or ornaments for a festive touch.

4. Burlap Table Runner

Add a rustic touch to your Christmas dinner table by creating a burlap table runner. Cut a piece of burlap to fit the length of your table and sew the edges to prevent fraying. Decorate it with ribbons, lace, or even stencil holiday motifs on it.

5. Burlap Gift Bags

Instead of using traditional gift wrapping paper, make your own burlap gift bags. Cut out rectangular pieces of burlap and sew the edges together to form a bag. Embellish them with ribbons, bows, or even paint personalized messages on them.

6. Burlap Garland

Add a rustic touch to your Christmas tree or mantelpiece by creating a burlap garland. Cut strips of burlap and tie them together to form a garland. You can leave it plain or add embellishments like pinecones, berries, or ornaments.

7. Burlap Advent Calendar

Create a unique advent calendar using burlap. Cut out small squares from burlap and sew them together to form pockets. Number each pocket and fill them with small treats or notes. Hang the advent calendar on your wall and enjoy counting down the days until Christmas.

8. Burlap Snowflakes

Decorate your windows or walls with burlap snowflakes. Cut out snowflake shapes from burlap and spray paint them white. Attach a string to hang them or simply stick them to the surface using adhesive putty.

9. Burlap Candle Holders

Add a cozy touch to your holiday decor with burlap candle holders. Cut out cylindrical shapes from burlap and glue them around glass candle holders. Embellish them with ribbons, twine, or even small ornaments.


DIY burlap Christmas decorations are not only budget-friendly but also add a charming rustic touch to your holiday decor. Whether you’re making ornaments, wreaths, or gift bags, burlap can be easily transformed into beautiful decorations that will impress your guests. Get creative and have fun crafting your own burlap Christmas decorations this year!

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