Crafts And Games Your Kids Would Love On The Cold Winter Days

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fun indoor activities for this winter! one tough job


As the winter season approaches, finding ways to keep your kids entertained indoors becomes a priority. With the cold weather outside, you’ll want to provide them with fun and engaging activities to enjoy at home. This article will explore various crafts and games that your kids would love during the cold winter days.

Craft Ideas

1. Indoor Snowman Building

Bring the winter wonderland indoors by creating snowmen using household items. Gather white socks, rice or cotton balls, and colorful accessories like buttons and ribbons. Let your kids fill the socks with rice or cotton to create the body, then decorate the snowmen with the accessories. This craft is not only fun but also enhances their motor skills.

2. Paper Snowflake Making

Teach your kids the art of making paper snowflakes. Provide them with white paper, scissors, and markers. Show them how to fold the paper and cut out different shapes to create beautiful snowflakes. Hang the finished snowflakes around the house to create a winter atmosphere.

3. DIY Winter-themed Collage

Encourage your kids to create a winter-themed collage using magazines or newspapers. Provide them with scissors, glue, and a large sheet of paper. Let them cut out pictures of snowflakes, snowmen, and winter landscapes, and then stick them onto the paper to create their own unique artwork.

Game Ideas

1. Indoor Treasure Hunt

Set up an indoor treasure hunt by hiding small toys or treats around the house. Create clues or a treasure map for your kids to follow. This game will keep them engaged and excited as they search for hidden treasures in different rooms.

2. Board Game Marathon

Take out your collection of board games and have a marathon with your kids. Play classics like Monopoly, Scrabble, or Clue. This activity not only provides entertainment but also enhances critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

3. DIY Obstacle Course

Create a DIY obstacle course using pillows, cushions, and household items. Set up challenges for your kids to complete, such as crawling under tables, jumping over pillows, or balancing on a line. This game promotes physical activity and helps them burn off energy indoors.


During the cold winter days, it’s essential to provide your kids with engaging crafts and games to keep them entertained. The suggested crafts like indoor snowman building, paper snowflake making, and DIY winter-themed collages are not only fun but also promote creativity and fine motor skills. Similarly, the game ideas of indoor treasure hunt, board game marathon, and DIY obstacle course offer excitement and enhance problem-solving abilities. With these activities, your kids will have a blast indoors during the winter season.

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