Beautiful Diy Decorating Ideas You Could Do With Burlap

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35 Beautiful DIY Decorating Ideas You Could Do With Burlap Amazing


Burlap, a versatile and affordable material, has become increasingly popular in the world of DIY decorating. From rustic farmhouse to bohemian chic, burlap can add a touch of natural elegance to any space. In this article, we will explore some creative and beautiful DIY decorating ideas that you can easily do with burlap.

1. Burlap Table Runners

One of the simplest and most effective ways to incorporate burlap into your decor is by using it as a table runner. Cut a piece of burlap to fit the length of your table and place it in the center. This will instantly add texture and warmth to your dining area, making it perfect for both formal and casual occasions.

2. Burlap Wreaths

Wreaths are not just for the holiday season. Create a beautiful burlap wreath to hang on your front door or inside your home. Simply wrap burlap around a wreath form and secure it with hot glue. Add embellishments like flowers or ribbons to customize it to your taste.

3. Burlap Wall Art

Transform a plain canvas or wooden frame into a stunning piece of wall art using burlap. Cut a piece of burlap to fit the frame and secure it tightly. You can then paint or stencil designs onto the burlap, or even attach decorative elements like buttons or lace.

4. Burlap Pillow Covers

Add a cozy and stylish touch to your living room or bedroom by making burlap pillow covers. Cut two pieces of burlap to the size of your pillow insert, leaving room for a seam allowance. Sew the pieces together, leaving an opening to insert the pillow. Finish by sewing the opening closed.

5. Burlap Planters

Give your plants a rustic feel by using burlap as a planter. Wrap burlap around a plastic or ceramic pot and secure it with twine or glue. This will add a natural and unique touch to your indoor or outdoor garden.

6. Burlap Curtains

If you’re looking to add some farmhouse charm to your windows, consider making burlap curtains. Cut burlap to the desired length and width, allowing for a rod pocket and hem. Hang the curtains using a curtain rod and enjoy the cozy and rustic feel they bring to your space.

7. Burlap Tablecloth

For a casual and charming table setting, create a burlap tablecloth. Cut a piece of burlap to fit your table size, leaving a few inches of overhang. Hem the edges to prevent fraying and place it on your table. This will instantly create a relaxed and inviting atmosphere for your meals.

8. Burlap Garland

Add a touch of rustic elegance to your mantel or staircase with a burlap garland. Cut strips of burlap and tie them together to create a long garland. You can also add embellishments like pinecones or twinkle lights for an extra festive touch.

9. Burlap Centerpieces

Create stunning centerpieces for your dining table or coffee table using burlap. Wrap burlap around glass vases or mason jars and secure it with twine or glue. Fill the vases with fresh flowers or candles to create a beautiful focal point in any room.


Burlap is a versatile and affordable material that can add a touch of natural elegance to any space. Whether you’re decorating for a special occasion or simply sprucing up your home, these beautiful DIY ideas will inspire you to incorporate burlap into your decor. Get creative and have fun transforming your space with this timeless and trendy material.

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