Unusual Bedside Table Ideas To Enhance The Charm And Decor Of Your Bedroom

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51 Bedside Tables that Blend Convenience and Style in the Bedroom


Your bedside table is not just a functional piece of furniture but also an opportunity to add personality and style to your bedroom. Instead of settling for a traditional nightstand, why not explore some unusual ideas to enhance the charm and decor of your bedroom? In this article, we will explore some creative and unique bedside table ideas that will transform your sleeping space into a stylish sanctuary.

1. Vintage Suitcase

Give your bedroom a touch of nostalgia by repurposing a vintage suitcase as a bedside table. Not only does it add character to your space, but it also provides extra storage for your nighttime essentials. You can stack a few suitcases of varying sizes to create a visually interesting arrangement.

2. Tree Stump

For a rustic and natural look, consider using a tree stump as a bedside table. Look for a stump that is sturdy and has a flat surface. You can leave it as is for a raw and organic feel or sand it down and apply a coat of varnish for a polished look. This unique bedside table idea will bring a touch of the outdoors into your bedroom.

3. Wall-Mounted Shelves

If you have limited floor space, wall-mounted shelves can be a great alternative to traditional bedside tables. Opt for floating shelves or wall-mounted cubbies to display your books, plants, and other decor items. This minimalist approach not only saves space but also adds a modern and sleek touch to your bedroom.

4. Repurposed Ladder

Give an old ladder a new lease on life by transforming it into a stylish bedside table. Lean the ladder against the wall and use the rungs as shelves to hold your books, alarm clock, and other essentials. This upcycled piece of furniture adds a unique and eclectic touch to your bedroom decor.

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5. Bedside Caddy

A bedside caddy is a practical and space-saving solution for those who prefer a clutter-free bedroom. These fabric organizers hang from the side of your bed and have multiple pockets to hold your books, tablets, remote controls, and other small items. Choose a caddy in a color or pattern that complements your bedroom decor.

6. Stack of Books

If you’re a book lover, why not use a stack of books as your bedside table? Choose a sturdy hardcover book as the base and stack a few more books on top to create a stable surface. This literary-inspired bedside table adds a whimsical and intellectual touch to your bedroom.

7. Vintage Milk Crate

For an industrial and vintage vibe, repurpose an old milk crate as a bedside table. You can leave it as is for a rustic look or paint it in a color that matches your bedroom decor. Use the compartments of the crate to store your books, magazines, and other bedtime essentials.

8. Mirrored Tray

Add a touch of glamour to your bedroom with a mirrored tray as your bedside table. Place the tray on top of a small stool or stack of books to create a raised surface. This reflective and elegant bedside table idea will make your bedroom feel luxurious and sophisticated.

9. Vintage Record Player

If you’re a music lover, why not turn a vintage record player into a functional and stylish bedside table? Place the record player on top and use the storage compartments to hold your vinyl collection. This unique bedside table idea adds a retro and nostalgic charm to your bedroom.


When it comes to bedside tables, think outside the box and explore unusual ideas that reflect your personality and style. Whether you opt for a vintage suitcase, a tree stump, or a repurposed ladder, these creative options will enhance the charm and decor of your bedroom. Experiment with different materials, textures, and styles to create a truly unique sleeping space that you’ll love waking up to every day.

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