Modern Kitchen Tables For Small Spaces: A Guide To Choosing The Perfect Piece

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Small Spaces Modern Kitchen Tables

If you’re looking for the perfect kitchen table for your small space, you know that there are many different options available. From traditional dining tables to modern bar tables, there are a variety of styles and materials to choose from.

To help you find the perfect piece for your home, we’ve put together this guide to choosing modern kitchen tables for small spaces.

Measure Your Space

The first step in choosing the perfect kitchen table for your small space is to measure the area where the table will be placed. This will help you determine the size of the table you need and the amount of space you have to work with. If you plan to include chairs, be sure to measure the space for those as well so you’ll know how much room you have to work with.

Choose a Shape and Style

Once you know the size of the area, you can begin to think about the shape and style of the table. Round tables tend to be the best choice for small spaces, as they can fit into tight corners and still provide plenty of seating.

Rectangular tables are also a great option, as they provide more seating options and can be used to divide up a space. For a contemporary look, consider a bar-style table, which is usually taller and can provide extra workspace for a compact kitchen.

Choose a Material

When choosing a material for your kitchen table, there are a few factors to consider. If your space is on the smaller side, opt for a lightweight material like wood, metal, or glass.

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These materials are also great for easy maintenance, as they can be wiped down easily and won’t require any special treatments. If you have a larger kitchen, choose a heavier material like stone or marble for a more luxurious look.

Consider Your Color Scheme

When choosing a kitchen table, be sure to consider the overall color scheme of your space. If your kitchen is decorated in light colors, choose a table in a lighter shade. For a bolder look, opt for a darker table. You can also choose a table with a neutral color, such as black or white, which will match any color scheme.

Choose the Right Accessories

Finally, consider the accessories you’ll need to complete your kitchen table. Chairs are essential, so be sure to choose a style that complements the table. You may also want to add a few decor items such as a runner, placemats, or a centerpiece to complete the look.


Choosing the perfect kitchen table for your small space doesn’t have to be difficult. By following this guide, you can find the perfect piece that fits in your space and complements your style. With a little bit of research and the right accessories, you’ll be able to create the perfect kitchen table for your small space.