Boys Bedroom Color Ideas: A Guide To Choosing The Perfect Shade

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Choosing the right wall colors for a boy’s bedroom can be a daunting task. After all, it will be their space for quite some time, and you want to make sure they love it.

Luckily, with a little bit of guidance, you can choose the perfect shade to help create a cozy and inviting space your little one will love. Here’s a guide to choosing the perfect color for your boy’s bedroom.

Go for Calming Colors

When it comes to selecting a color for a boy’s bedroom, you want to go for something that’s calming and soothing. If you’re looking for a classic look, consider shades of blue. Blue is a great color for boys’ rooms because it’s calming and inviting.

You can also choose shades of gray or green for a more neutral look. These colors are easy to match with other furniture and accessories, so you can easily change up the look of the room as your boy grows.

Brighten Up the Space

If you want to add a bit of energy and brightness to the room, choose a bold, vibrant shade. You can choose a bright color like orange or yellow, or even something a little more subtle like a pale pink or lavender.

These colors will add life to the room and will make it feel more energizing. Just be sure to balance the color with some neutral tones so the room won’t feel overwhelming.

Create a Playful Look

If your child is a little bit older, you can choose a more playful color scheme. Bright shades of red, green, and blue are great for a playful look. You can also choose more whimsical shades like purples and pinks. Just make sure not to go overboard with the colors, as too many can make the room feel cluttered and overwhelming.

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Mix and Match

If you have a few colors in mind, don’t be afraid to mix and match. You can choose a main color and then use different shades of the same color to create a unique look. For example, you can choose a bright blue and then use lighter and darker shades of blue to create an ombre effect. Or, you can choose different shades of green to create a unique, fun look.

Accessorize the Room

Once you’ve chosen the perfect color, you can accessorize the room to create a fun and inviting space. Add fun rugs, cozy blankets, and wall art to help create the perfect atmosphere. You can also add some storage solutions and furniture pieces to help keep the room organized and clutter-free.


Choosing the right color for your boy’s bedroom doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With a few tips and tricks, you can easily find the perfect shade for your little one. Whether you’re looking for a classic look or something more playful, there’s a color out there that will make your child’s space feel inviting and cozy.