30+ Excellent Airstream Interior Design Ideas To Copy Asap

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The Ford Airstream concept was designed under several influences, including spacecraft and aircraft for windows, and for body work. The unique reflective paint used for the new Airstream model attracts customers towards the model. Concept’s futuristic front and bold end explores a new appearance for Ford, combining the headlamps and single surface grille into the same graphic.

Looking into the interiors of the vehicle, it features all the luxury and sporty features needed for any next generation vehicle. Some of the features provided in the vehicle include instrument panel, touch sensitive controls, centrally mounted dual view screen on the panel and pod shaped swivelling driver’s chair. The unique screen provided to the rear seat not only act as a source of entertainment, but also as live camera feed.

The asymmetric doors to the new Ford Airstream are an added advantage. The passenger side doors allow loading of cargo and passengers into the vehicle very easily.

As far as the interior of the vehicle is concerned, it was inspired by spacecraft environments and images portrayed in Space Odyssey. The interior provides more relaxing environment for both the driver and passengers. The instrument panel in the vehicle features a single multi function gauge display with needed driver information, and touch sensitive controls. Apart from the luxury and the sporty features, the new Ford Airstream is also equipped with all the safety amenities like traction control, 6 air bags, park assist system, anti-skid brakes and four wheel disc brakes.

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