20+ Superb Red Apartment Ideas With Rustic Accents

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When moving into a new apartment or just trying to freshen up the look of a current apartment, one of the first things most renters want to change is the wall paint. Usually, painting is acceptable to the owner as long as you return it to the neutral when you move out.

If all of that painting and re-painting is not quite what you had in mind for jazzing up your place, just consider all other decorating options to make your home warm and inviting because it is your home, not just the space you rent.

To add in some color without picking up a brush, the choices are endless. You should start with a temperature: warm or cool. Then consider all your room has to contribute. Every spot of color should be in the same temperature. You don’t have to have everything the same color. The trick is to blend and combine shades of the same richness and tone.

Warm temperatures would mean everything that is contributing interest in your room would be reds, oranges, and some darker yellows. Reds and yellows are energizing and are said to stimulate conversation. These are great for entertaining areas in the living & dining rooms and kitchen.

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