30+ Modern Flower Beds Rocks Ideas For Front House To Try

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Modern Flower Beds Rocks Ideas For Front House To Try 22

Sowing and planting flowers is better to do not in rows, but as a group, in this way flower bed will look much more interesting. In the first season, be sure to buy dahlia tubers, bulbs, gladioli and lilies – you will not regret! Plant them in May at your site, you will enjoy the flowering plants whole summer. Do not forget, dahlias and gladioli should be dug out for the winter. Lily is without a transplant can grow for several years. Choosing the bulbs of lilies, consider the larger the bulb, the bigger will be the plant and flower.

Perennial plants could be grown from seed or bought in the store. Also you can find grown plants with closed root system (in a pot). These plants are easy to use and they could be plant in the flower bed throughout the season. If you don’t have enough time in spring, you can always finish the job during the summer.

Perennial plants have a lot of advantages over the annual ones. They need to grow and / or plant only once. And with proper care, these plants, will grow every year, and will enjoy their flowers for a very long time.

Peony, Astilbe, campion, day-lily, liatris, saxifrage, phlox, are part of the more stable perennial. Caring for them is only in weeding (especially while the plants are small, not grown), cutting off the faded blossoms (if you want to re-bloom), the winter pruning or removal of dry stalks in spring.