30+ Cozy Small Porch Design Ideas To Try Right Now

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A small porch can be just as beautiful and charming as a large porch when you keep the scale in mind. You can make the most of a small porch with great design when installing and great decorating when dressing up an existing porch.

If you are installing a new porch, you will want to be sure that it is in proportion to the size of the house and the porch roof should reflect the same basic shape as the main roof on the house. You may also want to consider porch columns, porch wall, decking and the ceiling.

Porch columns are a great accent and decorating piece to really give your small porch a punch. They can help give your porch an appearance of a larger porch by grouping the columns in pairs. They also look great when paired with rows of spindles or curved balusters.

A porch wall is another design idea that can add some privacy to your small porch. If you have a low wall built that ends at about the same height as the first floor windowsills it can really frame your porch and look amazing.

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