20+ Modern Colorful Bedroom Décor Ideas For Kids

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Creating a fantasy bedroom for your child begins with identifying your child’s fantasy. When your children play make-believe (as most all children do) what do they imagine themselves being: a rock star or movie star, an astronaut, president of the United States, an army captain, a ballerina, a prince or a princess, a knight in shining armor or a damsel in distress, a deep-sea diver or a mountain-climber, a race car driver, an Olympic gymnast, a superhero or a super villain? Once you know what your child’s fantasy is, it becomes relatively easy to design and create a custom theme bedroom based on it.

The best way to design a custom fantasy bedroom is to build it around a theme, and the fantasy of your child’s that you just identified makes the ideal theme. A central theme for the child’s bedroom keeps it from becoming a chaotic, haphazard hodge-podge of every cool thing that catches your child’s interest. Instead, it unifies the room and gives a sense of completion and wholeness that soothes the senses. With that fantasy theme as your focal point, then, you can begin to choose furniture, color schemes, wall and floor coverings, and other bedroom design elements all of which reflect and bolster the image of that fantasy.

Speaking of unifying elements, creative carpentry has given parents the multipurpose furniture item, one that serves multiple functions in a compact, singular piece. The most popular (and versatile) of these interior design innovations is the custom theme bed, fulfilling your child’s need to be immersed in the world of their imagination, and fulfilling your own needs as a parent for affordability, functionality, simplicity, space-saving consciousness, and – above all – safety.

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A custom theme bed can double (or triple) as an indoor playhouse structure, a study space, extra sleeping space for sleepovers and other overnight guests, and can be built to include as much storage as you have need for.

Any of the fantasies suggested earlier in this article can spring to life with a custom theme bed designed with them in mind. From custom castle beds for your little prince or princess to custom racecar beds for your little NASCAR fan to custom treehouse beds for your favorite little jungle monkey and on and on, the only limits on the type of fantasy you can bring to life with a custom theme bed as the room’s centerpiece is your imagination.