20+ Adorable Dorm Room Design Ideas On A Budget

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Adorable Dorm Room Design Ideas On A Budget 33

So you’re going to college? Congratulations! You’re finally moving out and gaining some independence. For some young people, college is their first opportunity to decorate their own space. Whether you are a brand new student or a seasoned veteran to the campus scene, you will want your dorm room to reflect your personal style. This tiny room will be your home for months, so you should create a space that is comfortable and inviting.

Decorating a dorm room can be a bit challenging. Most college students don’t have a big budget to work with. They look for décor at Wal-Mart, Target, or even thrift stores. While these stores have some great options, you will still need to get creative to make every penny work for you.

Begin by choosing your bedding. Most dorm rooms are tiny so the bed will most likely be your focal point in the room. You will use that little twin bed as a couch, a table, a desk, and sometimes for sleeping. Because you will be spending so much time on your bed, you should pick out bedding that is comfortable and attractive. Any color scheme can work in a dorm room, and the bed will be one of your only opportunities to insert color.

If you don’t have a particular shade in mind, look for something reversible so you can flip it over if it gets dirty. Remember to check your bed’s dimensions before you buy sheets to make sure you get the right size. Most dorms provide extra long beds, so you will have to find sheets custom tailored to the right dimensions.