30+ Awesome Paint Home Decor Ideas To Rock This Season

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Awesome Paint Home Decor Ideas To Rock This Season 25

Seasonal redecorating isn’t a new concept by any means, so it is really no surprise that many families choose to do things like repaint and redecorate at the commencement of a new season. Sometimes this is done out of necessity like making the redecorating transition from winter to spring since the weather is significantly different and people may want to soften up the warm cozy winter décor to match the light airy feel of the new season or to let some of the indoor warmth out and some of the outdoor coolness in.

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to change the décor in your home is with a fresh coat of paint and a few different accessories and furnishings. So here are some cool tips that you may find useful when decorating and painting your home for the transition to warmer seasons.

A great way to add a bit of spring and summer in your home is with decorative painting. Decorative painting is a technique used in painting in which sponging, stenciling/stamping, and ragging patterns are created on walls, under your base coat. These different techniques really allow you to brighten up a plain or dull room, and the best part is that it is extraordinarily cheap and easy to do.

Sponging works particularly well with a base coat of paint since the distribution of paint on your wall surface is very sporadic and a tad rough looking which serves to give your walls texture or the appearance of texture, and a base coat between the sponge marks enhances the idea of texture and depth to the surface. This is a great idea if you have a dark base coat since all you will need to do is dab a lighter shade of your existing colour on the walls, and of course, you do it to your heart’s content and until you are satisfied with the effect.