30+ Awesome Drying Room Design Ideas

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Awesome Drying Room Design Ideas 49

It’s easy to identify technological advances over the past decade or two that have made our lives easier. Mobile phones. GPS devices. Laptop computers. E-mail. And the list goes on.

But one of the household burdens we must deal with on a regular basis hasn’t gotten much simpler: doing laundry. We still have to gather up our dirty clothes, separate them out, put them in the washer, then throw them in the dryer or hang them up to air dry. Sure, a few new features have been added to the machines that clean our garments. But the whole laundry experience is still as cumbersome and aggravating as it has been throughout recent memory.

Now here’s the good news: there are some clever laundry room organizers than can make this chore a little easier.

No storage cabinets? No problem. This four-drawer unit only requires 8½ inches between your washer and your dryer. The easy-sliding drawers give you plenty of space to store detergent, stain treatments, dryer sheets, fabric softener and other laundry room necessities while keeping them hidden from view. The front façade of the cabinet resembles stylish, hand-woven wicker.

Why rummage through cabinets when you can keep whatever you need within easy each? This innovative wire shelf mounts perfectly over the back of your washer to expand the storage space in your laundry room. It gives you an accessible place for boxes, bottles and other containers of laundry supplies. And its coated finish won’t scratch appliance surfaces.