30+ Casual Sofa Ideas With Storage Underneath For Small Space

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Casual Sofa Ideas With Storage Underneath For Small Space 47

Whatever storage space you have in your home, somehow it never seems to be enough. If your drawers are overflowing and your cupboards won’t close, then start decluttering today. Once you’ve done that and there’s still not enough room for everything, try some of these great space-saving ideas.

Get hooked up Put up lots of hooks on the back of doors – doors between rooms and wardrobe doors. If you like, make some simple drawstring bags hanging up small items such as toys or lingerie. For small items, fabric wall pockets that can go on the back of doors are also a useful investment.

Choose dual purpose furniture Choose items with storage room. Get a coffee table with drawers or use a blanket chest. Small chests and storage cubes also make great bedside tables. Choose a bed or sofa bed with built-in storage space and a TV bench with drawers. Consider high-rise beds with space for seating or a desk underneath. IKEA make great ones for adults as well as children.

Double your wardrobe space Add another rail in your wardrobe and double your hanging space. The easiest way to do this is to hang a lower pole off the main pole. If you’ve got a number of longer items like dresses, add the lower pole over half or three-quarters of the width of your wardrobe. Alternatively, try out some of the multi-hanger systems available from stores such as The Holding Company.