Classy Wall Decor Ideas For Home 18
Classy Wall Decor Ideas For Home 18

20+ Classy Wall Decor Ideas For Home

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Although we use them every day for a variety of reasons, powder rooms and restrooms are some of the most difficult rooms of the house to decorate. First of all, you have the opposition of function and aesthetics that can make it hard for you to decorate a room in which so many “practical” things like applying makeup and taking a shower are going on.

Next, you have to examine whether or not you are the only one using the powder room, or whether this room will also be used by your guests. While you might be able to hang one kind of wall decor in your personal powder room, guests might need to see something else.

Many people choose the typical bathroom or feminine themes for their powder room, and if that’s what you’re leaning toward with your wall decor, there’s nothing to worry about. Even though these are not the most creative or unique themes, there is a reason that they are used so often: they work! Motifs that involve flowers, landscapes, farm scenes and ocean scenes are considered to be perfectly acceptable in bathrooms and powder rooms, and you will make your guests feel right at home as they touch up their lip gloss in this space.

If you’re thinking that you might want to be a little more edgy with the wall decor in your powder room, why not go for colors or scenes that are a little more out of the ordinary? Some people have used themes like antique cars, hot air ballooning, Wild West motifs and even extreme sports as a way to share their interests with their guests in a unique way. If nothing else, your guests will emerge from freshening up with questions or maybe jokes about the interesting art that you’ve used!

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