30+ Lovely Bedroom Decor Ideas For Small Apartment

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If you are one of the many who live in rental homes or apartments, you have probably been frustrated in the past with your limitations as far as home décor. As paint is the simplest way to stimulate your space from lifeless to breathtaking, you are certainly restricted if your landlord will not let you alter the color of your walls.

Yet another issue with rental homes is nail holes. Often landlords ask that you do not place any holes in the walls, so hanging photos and wall art is difficult. In order to bring energy and harmony to your rental property, you must think outside of the box as far as decorating.

Put away your paintbrush and grab some fabric! Taking a main bedroom as an example, choose a fabric that contrasts or complements your bedding and surrounding décor. Examine the blank canvas of your walls and decide which would work best as a feature wall or focal point of the room.

There are many possibilities with fabric. Purchase some extra large 16 x 20 picture frames in similar colors but varying styles. Cut your fabric to fit inside the frames. Map out the best way to hang your works of art by laying your frames out on the floor and drawing yourself a map on the wall. You can create a collage with the frames that will be an instant eye catcher the second you walk into the room.

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