Top 9 Crazy Ideas To Repurpose Chicken Feeders

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Chicken feeders are not just for feeding chickens anymore. With a little creativity, these versatile containers can be repurposed into useful and unique items for your home and garden. In this article, we will explore some of the top crazy ideas to repurpose chicken feeders in 2023. Whether you are looking for practical solutions or decorative accents, these ideas are sure to inspire you.

1. Herb Garden

Transform your chicken feeder into a mini herb garden by filling each compartment with soil and planting your favorite herbs. Hang the feeder on a wall or fence for easy access to fresh herbs while adding a touch of greenery to your outdoor space.

2. Bird Feeder

Attract more birds to your garden by repurposing a chicken feeder into a bird feeder. Fill the compartments with birdseed and hang the feeder from a tree branch or hook. Enjoy the sight and sound of birds visiting your yard while helping them find a source of food.

3. Wall Organizer

Use a chicken feeder as a wall organizer in your home office or kitchen. The compartments are perfect for storing pens, pencils, scissors, and other small items. Mount the feeder on the wall and keep your workspace or kitchen counter tidy and organized.

4. Flower Arrangement

Create a unique and eye-catching flower arrangement by repurposing a chicken feeder as a centerpiece. Fill each compartment with water and place cut flowers or floating candles in them. This creative display will surely be a conversation starter at your next gathering.

5. Planter Box

Give your plants a new home by using a chicken feeder as a planter box. Fill each compartment with potting soil and plant your favorite flowers or succulents. Arrange the feeders in your garden or on your patio for a charming and rustic touch.

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6. Pet Food Station

If you have pets, repurpose a chicken feeder into a pet food station. Fill each compartment with dry food, water, or treats, depending on your pet’s needs. This will keep their food organized and easily accessible, while adding a stylish element to your home.

7. Jewelry Organizer

Utilize the compartments of a chicken feeder to store and display your jewelry. Hang the feeder on a wall or inside your closet and use each compartment to hold earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings. This creative storage solution will keep your jewelry organized and within reach.

8. Candle Holder

Turn a chicken feeder into a unique candle holder by placing votive candles or tea lights in each compartment. Light the candles and enjoy the cozy and warm ambiance they create. This repurposed chicken feeder will add a rustic and charming touch to any room.

9. Outdoor Planter

Repurpose a chicken feeder as an outdoor planter by filling each compartment with soil and planting flowers or herbs. Place the feeder in your garden, on your porch, or hang it from a shepherd’s hook. This creative use of a chicken feeder will add a whimsical and garden-like feel to your outdoor space.


Chicken feeders can be repurposed into a wide range of practical and decorative items. From herb gardens to bird feeders, wall organizers to flower arrangements, the possibilities are endless. Get creative and give your chicken feeders a new lease on life with these top crazy ideas in 2023. Start repurposing and enjoy the benefits of these unique and functional creations.