Diy Kids Games And Activities With Cardboard Boxes

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DIY Kids Games and Activities with Cardboard Boxes


In the digital age, it can be challenging to find activities that engage kids and keep them away from screens. However, one timeless and budget-friendly solution is to create fun games and activities using cardboard boxes. Cardboard boxes are versatile and can be transformed into a variety of exciting playtime experiences. In this article, we will explore some DIY ideas for kids games and activities that can be made with cardboard boxes.

1. Cardboard Box Fort

One of the easiest and most popular cardboard box activities is building a fort. With just a few boxes, kids can create their own secret hideout. They can cut doors and windows, decorate the walls, and even add multiple levels to the fort. This activity encourages creativity, problem-solving, and imaginative play.

2. Cardboard Box Race Car

Transforming a cardboard box into a race car is an exciting project for kids. They can cut out a hole for their body to fit in, decorate the box with paint or markers to resemble a car, and add paper plate wheels. This activity combines crafting and pretend play, allowing kids to feel like they’re racing around the track.

3. Cardboard Box Puppet Theater

A puppet theater made from a cardboard box can provide hours of entertainment. Kids can cut out a window for the stage, decorate the box with curtains and props, and create their own puppets using socks, paper, or felt. This activity promotes storytelling, imagination, and enhances communication skills.

4. Cardboard Box Maze

Creating a maze out of cardboard boxes is a challenging and engaging activity for older kids. They can design a maze with twists and turns, dead ends, and even hidden surprises. This project encourages problem-solving, critical thinking, and spatial awareness.

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5. Cardboard Box Marble Run

A cardboard box marble run is a fantastic STEM activity for kids. They can cut out ramps, tunnels, and obstacles inside the box, and use tubes or paper rolls as tracks for marbles to roll through. This activity promotes problem-solving, experimentation, and understanding of gravity and motion.

6. Cardboard Box Bowling

With a few cardboard boxes and some soft balls, kids can create their own bowling alley at home. They can stack and arrange the boxes as pins, and take turns rolling the balls to knock them down. This activity enhances hand-eye coordination, counting skills, and friendly competition.

7. Cardboard Box Musical Instruments

Encourage your little musicians to make their own instruments using cardboard boxes. They can create guitars, drums, or even a mini piano. This activity sparks creativity, rhythm, and a love for music.

8. Cardboard Box Tic-Tac-Toe

A simple game of tic-tac-toe can be made using a cardboard box and some painted rocks or bottle caps as markers. Kids can draw the grid on the box and take turns playing the game with their friends or family. This activity promotes strategic thinking, planning, and friendly competition.

9. Cardboard Box Robot Costume

Transforming a cardboard box into a robot costume is a fun project for kids who love dressing up. They can cut out holes for arms and head, decorate the box with colorful buttons and dials, and add some tin foil for a futuristic touch. This activity encourages imaginative play, role-playing, and creativity.


Cardboard boxes are a fantastic and affordable resource for creating DIY kids games and activities. They provide endless possibilities for imaginative play, creativity, and skill development. So, the next time you have some cardboard boxes lying around, don’t throw them away – let your kids’ creativity shine and have fun together!

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