Cool Diy Furniture Makeovers With Wallpaper

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27 Cool DIY Furniture Makeovers with Wallpaper Amazing DIY, Interior

Cool DIY Furniture Makeovers with Wallpaper


Are you looking to give your old furniture a new lease of life? Look no further! In this article, we will explore the exciting world of DIY furniture makeovers using wallpaper. Wallpaper is not just for walls anymore – it can be a versatile and cost-effective way to transform your furniture into unique and stylish pieces. Whether you have an old dresser, a tired coffee table, or a worn-out cabinet, wallpaper can breathe new life into these pieces and turn them into eye-catching focal points in your home.

Why Choose Wallpaper?

Using wallpaper for furniture makeovers has several advantages. Firstly, it offers a wide range of design options. With countless patterns, colors, and textures to choose from, you can find a wallpaper that perfectly matches your style and complements your existing decor. Secondly, wallpaper is relatively inexpensive compared to buying new furniture or hiring a professional to refinish your old pieces. It is a budget-friendly way to achieve a high-end look without breaking the bank. Lastly, wallpaper is easy to apply and remove, making it a great option for those who like to change their furniture’s look frequently or want the option to revert to the original piece.

DIY Furniture Makeover Ideas

1. Dresser Transformation: Give your old dresser a modern makeover by applying a bold and vibrant wallpaper to the drawer fronts. This will instantly transform the piece and make it a standout feature in your bedroom or hallway.

2. Coffee Table Upgrade: Turn a plain and boring coffee table into a conversation starter by covering the tabletop with an eye-catching wallpaper. Choose a design that complements the overall theme of your living room and watch your coffee table become the center of attention.

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3. Cabinet Revamp: Give your worn-out cabinet a new lease of life by applying a textured wallpaper to the doors. This will add depth and visual interest to the piece, making it a stylish addition to your kitchen or dining area.

4. Bookshelf Makeover: Transform a basic bookshelf into a stunning display piece by applying wallpaper to the back panel. This will create a beautiful backdrop for your books and decorative items, adding a touch of elegance to any room.

Tips for a Successful DIY Furniture Makeover

– Choose a high-quality wallpaper that is durable and easy to work with.

– Prepare the surface of your furniture by cleaning and sanding it if necessary.

– Measure and cut the wallpaper carefully to ensure a perfect fit.

– Use a strong adhesive or wallpaper paste to secure the wallpaper to the furniture.

– Smooth out any air bubbles or wrinkles using a wallpaper smoother or a credit card.

– Allow the wallpaper to dry completely before using or moving the furniture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use any type of wallpaper for furniture makeovers?

A: While most wallpapers can be used for furniture makeovers, it is recommended to choose a wallpaper that is specifically designed for this purpose. These wallpapers are often more durable and have a stronger adhesive, ensuring a long-lasting and professional-looking finish.

Q: Can I remove the wallpaper from my furniture if I change my mind?

A: Yes, one of the advantages of using wallpaper for furniture makeovers is that it can be easily removed. Simply peel off the wallpaper carefully, starting from one corner, and use a damp cloth to remove any remaining adhesive residue.

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Q: Can I paint over wallpaper on furniture?

A: Yes, if you decide to change the look of your furniture again, you can paint over the wallpaper. However, it is important to ensure that the wallpaper is properly adhered to the furniture and there are no loose edges or bubbles before painting.


DIY furniture makeovers with wallpaper are a fun and creative way to breathe new life into your old pieces. With a wide range of design options and easy application, wallpaper can transform your furniture into unique and stylish pieces that reflect your personal style. So, unleash your creativity and start transforming your furniture today!