Fun Kids Gardening Projects To Do This Spring

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Fun Kids Gardening Projects to Do This Spring


Spring is the perfect time to engage your kids in fun gardening projects. Not only will they enjoy getting their hands dirty, but it also provides an excellent opportunity for them to learn about plants, nature, and responsibility. In this article, we will provide you with some exciting kids gardening projects that you can do this spring.

1. Planting a Mini Herb Garden

Introduce your kids to the world of herbs by planting a mini herb garden. Choose easy-to-grow herbs like basil, mint, and parsley. Let your kids sow the seeds, water the plants, and watch them grow. They will be delighted to see their herbs flourish and be able to use them in cooking.

2. Creating a Fairy Garden

Let your kids’ imagination run wild by creating a fairy garden. Use a container or a small section of your garden and add miniature plants, tiny houses, and fairy figurines. Your kids can design and decorate the fairy garden as they please, creating a magical space for imaginary play.

3. Building a Bird Feeder

Teach your kids about birds and their importance in nature by building a bird feeder together. Use recycled materials like plastic bottles or milk cartons to make a simple bird feeder. Hang it in your backyard and observe the different bird species that visit.

4. Growing a Pizza Garden

Make gardening even more exciting by growing a pizza garden with your kids. Plant tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, and herbs like oregano and basil. Your kids will love harvesting the ingredients and making their own homemade pizza using the fresh produce.

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5. Creating a Butterfly Habitat

Attract butterflies to your garden by creating a butterfly habitat. Choose nectar-rich flowers like lavender, zinnias, and marigolds. Provide a shallow dish with water and some sand for the butterflies to rest. Your kids will enjoy observing the beautiful butterflies that visit their garden.

6. Designing a Scarecrow

Engage your kids in a fun craft project by designing a scarecrow for your garden. Use old clothes, hay, and some creativity to make a scarecrow that will protect your plants from unwanted visitors. Your kids will have a blast creating their own unique scarecrow.

7. Planting Sunflowers

Planting sunflowers is a great way to introduce your kids to gardening. Sunflowers are easy to grow and reach impressive heights. Let your kids plant the seeds and watch as the sunflowers grow taller each day. They will be amazed by the size and beauty of these cheerful flowers.

8. Making DIY Plant Markers

Get crafty with your kids by making DIY plant markers. Use popsicle sticks, rocks, or even spoons to create unique plant markers for your garden. Your kids can paint and decorate them, adding a personal touch to your garden while also learning about different plant names.

9. Starting a Worm Composting Bin

Teach your kids about the importance of composting by starting a worm composting bin. Purchase some composting worms and set up a bin with bedding materials like shredded newspaper and vegetable scraps. Let your kids feed the worms and watch as they turn the waste into nutrient-rich compost.


Gardening projects are a fantastic way to get your kids involved in nature and teach them valuable skills. This spring, try out these fun kids gardening projects and watch as your kids develop a love for gardening and the outdoors.

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