Fun And Easy Diy Valentine's Day Crafts Kids Can Make

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Easy DIY Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids to Make HubPages


Valentine’s Day is a special time for expressing love and appreciation to friends and family. What better way to celebrate this day than by creating fun and easy DIY crafts with your kids? These crafts not only provide a fun activity for children but also allow them to showcase their creativity and thoughtfulness. In this article, we will explore some exciting Valentine’s Day craft ideas that are suitable for kids of all ages.

1. Handprint Love Bug

One of the most popular Valentine’s Day crafts for kids is the handprint love bug. To make this adorable craft, you will need some construction paper, paint, and googly eyes. Have your child dip their hand in paint and make a handprint on the paper. Then, they can decorate the handprint with googly eyes and draw legs and antennae. This cute love bug can be gifted to family members or used as a decoration.

2. Heart-Shaped Crayons

If you have broken crayons lying around, don’t throw them away! Instead, repurpose them into heart-shaped crayons. To make these unique crayons, remove the paper wrappers from the broken crayons and break them into smaller pieces. Then, place the crayon pieces in heart-shaped molds and bake them in the oven until they melt. Once cooled, you will have beautiful heart-shaped crayons that your kids can use for coloring.

3. Valentine’s Day Cards

Valentine’s Day cards are a classic craft that kids can make for their friends and loved ones. Provide your child with colored paper, markers, stickers, and other decorative materials. Encourage them to create personalized cards with heartfelt messages. This activity not only allows children to express their creativity but also teaches them the importance of showing appreciation and love for others.

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4. Love Potion Necklace

A love potion necklace is a fun craft that older kids can enjoy making. You will need a small glass bottle, glitter, water, and a chain. Have your child fill the bottle with water and add a pinch of glitter to create a magical effect. Then, attach a chain to the bottle to make it wearable. This enchanting necklace can be given as a gift or worn as a Valentine’s Day accessory.

5. Heart-Shaped Bird Feeder

Valentine’s Day is not only about expressing love to humans but also to nature. Help your child create a heart-shaped bird feeder using birdseed, gelatin, and cookie cutters. Mix the birdseed and gelatin together and press the mixture into heart-shaped cookie cutters. Make a hole at the top for hanging and let the mixture dry. Once dry, remove the cookie cutter and hang the bird feeder outside for the birds to enjoy.

6. Paper Heart Garland

A paper heart garland is a simple yet beautiful craft that children of all ages can make. Cut out multiple heart shapes from colored paper and string them together using a needle and thread. Hang the garland in the living room or your child’s bedroom as a festive decoration. This craft not only enhances fine motor skills but also adds a touch of love to your home.

7. Heart-Shaped Photo Frame

Encourage your child to create a heart-shaped photo frame using popsicle sticks, glue, and paint. Help them glue the popsicle sticks together to form a heart shape and let it dry. Once dry, your child can paint the frame in their favorite colors and add glitter or stickers for extra decoration. Insert a photo of a loved one into the frame, and it can be displayed as a sentimental gift.

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8. Love Bug Bookmark

For kids who love reading, a love bug bookmark is a perfect craft activity. Cut out a bookmark shape from colored paper and help your child decorate it with googly eyes, pipe cleaners, and markers. They can create a love bug character by attaching googly eyes and drawing legs and antennas. This cute bookmark will make reading even more enjoyable for your little bookworm.

9. Heart-Shaped Suncatcher

Create a heart-shaped suncatcher by cutting out a heart shape from contact paper and sticking it onto a window. Provide your child with tissue paper in various colors and encourage them to fill the heart shape with the tissue paper. Once completed, stick another piece of contact paper on top to seal the tissue paper inside. The sunlight will shine through the colorful tissue paper, creating a beautiful heart-shaped suncatcher.


Valentine’s Day crafts are not only a fun way to spend time with your kids but also a great opportunity for them to learn about love, creativity, and thoughtfulness. From handprint love bugs to heart-shaped suncatchers, there are endless possibilities for DIY crafts that kids can make. So, gather your crafting supplies, get creative, and have a blast making these fun and easy Valentine’s Day crafts with your little ones!