Easy Ideas To Use Everyday Stuff In Kitchen Organization

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Easy Ideas to Use Everyday Stuff in Kitchen Organization


Kitchen organization is essential for maintaining a clean and functional space. However, purchasing expensive storage solutions is not always necessary. In fact, you can repurpose everyday items found in your kitchen to create efficient and cost-effective organization systems. This article will provide you with easy ideas on how to use everyday stuff to organize your kitchen effectively.

1. Use Magazine Holders as Cutting Board Storage

If you have a collection of magazine holders lying around, repurpose them as storage for cutting boards. Simply place them vertically in the holders, and they will be easily accessible while taking up minimal space on your kitchen counter.

2. Utilize Tension Rods in Cabinets

Tension rods are versatile and can be used to create additional storage space in your kitchen cabinets. Install them horizontally to hang cleaning spray bottles or vertically to separate baking sheets or cutting boards.

3. Repurpose Shoe Organizers

Shoe organizers with clear pockets are not just for shoes. Hang them on the back of your pantry or cabinet doors to store snacks, small kitchen tools, or even cleaning supplies. This will keep everything visible and easily accessible.

4. Magnetic Strips for Knife Storage

Mount a magnetic strip on your kitchen wall to store your knives. This not only saves counter space but also keeps your knives within reach while ensuring they stay sharp and in good condition.

5. Use Utensil Trays for Junk Drawer Organization

If you have a messy junk drawer in your kitchen, repurpose utensil trays to keep it organized. The compartments will help you separate and categorize small items such as batteries, tape, or spare keys.

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6. Mason Jars for Bulk Ingredient Storage

Mason jars are not only stylish but also functional for storing bulk ingredients. Use them to store items like rice, pasta, or nuts. You can even label the jars for easy identification.

7. Hang Pots and Pans

Maximize cabinet space by hanging your pots and pans. Install a pot rack on the wall or hang them from a ceiling-mounted rack. This will free up valuable cabinet space and give your kitchen a professional look.

8. Use Binder Clips for Chip Bag Sealing

Keep your chips and other snack bags fresh by using binder clips to seal them shut. This simple hack will prevent your snacks from going stale and eliminate the need for bag clips or rubber bands.

9. Repurpose Egg Cartons

Egg cartons can be used to store small items in your kitchen drawers. Whether it’s spices, jewelry, or small office supplies, the compartments of an egg carton will keep everything neatly organized.