How To Paint Silicone Phone Case

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Well since it is siliconetry putting it in hot waterit will make the silicone shrink and softwhile its still warm and free of water slid it on your phone. Carefully add paint to your brush and paint over the same area.

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Acrylics have a hard time adhering to any nonporous surface.

How to paint silicone phone case. Make the final checks for glues covering the buttons and other parts of the phone. If the phone is opaque you can transfer the design using butter paper or gateway paper and paint it accordingly. Crop them off with a craft blade if there is any.

If you dont do this your phone case will look white. First up download our phone case template here and print it on watercolor paper. Cut around the outline with a pair of scissors.

If its a design and if the phone cover is translucent you can trace the design first with pencil and the paint it accordingly. Knead everything together until the silicone turns to dough. Since your phone case is plastic as well adhesion will always be a problem.

Meaning that the color you see is not on the surface. Silicone is a compound that inks are premixed with them. Guidecentral is a fun and visual way to discover DIY ideas learn new skills meet amazing people who share your passions and even upload your own DIY guides.

Place your phone case onto the map and trace around it. If the mixture is too thick to apply add some paint thinner. If the bottom layer of paint isnt adhering to the surface its still going to chip and peel.

Other way to transfer design is by printing on a normal paper and using mod podge. Place the phone case onto a hard surface and use a craft knife to trim around the camera hole. You will need to knead it about 20 times or so.

And let it set. Acrylic paint is a polymer plastic. Once you are happy with the case take it off of the phone.

We provide a space. You want at least 70 alcohol and you definitely want a softer cloth because it keeps the case from getting scratched. See the phone case below it is a white silicone case then spray black paint on the back surface by laser engraving come out the flower.

Place the map inside your case facing outwards so that you can see the image through the case. Then mix together 3 parts oil-based paint with 1 part silicone caulking to make the paint flexible. Paint the outside with nail polish then let the polish dry.

You use a few drops of liquid dye liquid watercolor food coloring or acrylic paint. To paint silicone prosthetics or props first wipe the silicone with acetone to remove any grease. If you want to disinfect your phone case you can actually do this instead too.

Using Smooth-Ons Psycho Paint to paint silicone rubber for special effectsMake It Now. Step 1 Take your phone out of the case. Then color in your design using a wet paint-free brush first.

If you want the case to be a solid color you can use spray paint instead. Remove your phone and paint the exterior with nail polish. 5 minute crafts are fun especially with spray pai.

4- Colour or paint your phone case if you wish. And since most paint have other ingredients after drying they get. Set your phone somewhere it wont get wet1 X Research source If your phone case has both a plastic and silicon component separate the two parts.

You dont have to do this but it a good way to make your phone case look more interesting. Detach the paper and try out your case on your phone. When youre ready to paint apply an oil-based primer first and then 1 to 2 layers of oil-based paint.

Never attempt to clean your phone case with your phone inside of it. As soon as the glue is fastened flay it off your phone. Its really easy because all you need is some isopropyl alcohol and a soft cloth.

How To Paint Silicone Phone Case – DIY Technology Tutorial – Guidecentral. Cool down now it should have a snug fitHow can I shrink a silicone case for my phone. This BYOT DIY project is a step by step tutorial all about how to paint a phone case from start to finish.

To paint the silicone apply 1 to 2 thin layers of the paint. Water could get into the cracks and cause damage. Pull the flexible silicon piece out of the hard plastic piece thats on the outside of the caseStep 2 Mix 1 cup 240 mL of warm water and a drop of dish soap in a bowl.

Using a waterproof pen we used a Micron draw your design onto the template. Most people think that clear coating it will seal the paint in. Paint the case if desired.

Color ink or paint sprayed on silicone part different colour with ink or paint colour surface first then laser engraves the suface to reveal the color of the silicone part. How to Spray Paint your phone caselittle redo if you willSo my phone case for my Windows phone was cheap hard plasticdirt cheap on AmazonOver time it.

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