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This plant can tolerate poor light dry air and drought which makes it perfect for bathroom decor. Also many evergreen plants are low light plants but they tend to suffer from fungal infections if their potting soil is too moist but for some plants being close to a bath or shower in a confined dark place is ideal.

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This fern is a personal favorite.

Bathroom plants low light. Fluorescent bulbs provide plenty of light in wavelengths that plants can use. Its compact size makes it perfect for tight quarters such as narrow shelves or terrariums but it doesn t like direct sun so keep it away from the windowsill. Sansevieria also known as mother in law s tongue is one of the most low maintenance plants you can grow which makes it the perfect choice for a bathroom.

9 heart leaf philodendron bloomscape. Of course not all plants thrive in bathroom conditions. They are beautiful uplifting to look at and be around and they serve a practical purpose in keeping your home environment clean and healthy.

This low light plant filters out. These three factors low light high humidity and temperature swings need to be considered when choosing plants for a bathroom. Many succulents require bright light and dry conditions.

This small growing low light loving plant comes in a variety of colors and adorable leaf shapes. You can approach this process from several different perspectives. However if you have pets be wary of the plants you choose to decorate your space as some houseplants can be toxic to dogs and cats.

Plus having a little greenery will certainly help spice up your decor as well as help purify the air. Choose plants that naturally grow in low light. Bird s nest fern asplenium nidus.

17 best bathroom plants how to use and choose low light no light there are lots of good reasons to have indoor plants even plants in the bathroom. Understory plants hailing from rain forest settings do quite well in the high humidity lowly lit environment common to many bathrooms. Chinese evergreen plants are native to tropical and subtropical regions of asia and new guinea.

This particular striped variety is watermelon peperomia or peperomia argyreia. These are some of the easiest plants to care for because they are so low maintenance. Do not give up if that is the case with your bathroom.

It s a great plant for low light spaces so if your bathroom doesn t get a lot of sun don t worry bamboo will still grow successfully there. Therefore success with any bathroom plant begins with choosing the right plants. Low light plants for the bathroom 6.

In fact much of nature s flora thrives in the low light humid environment of the bathroom. I love how the thick wavy leaves are sure to make a bold tropical statement wherever they are placed. And for a fern this little guy isn t nearly as messy as some other ferns can be.

Here are suggestions for plants that will do in average bathroom conditions.

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