30+ Admiring Fireplace Décor Ideas For Cottage To Try

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Admiring Fireplace Décor Ideas For Cottage To Try 27

Whether you live in an area that actually gets cold when autumn and winter rolls around, December is just somehow synonymous with cozying up in front of a fireplace.

Some people spend hours enjoying the warmth of a fireplace lost in the pages of their favorite piece of fiction. Still others simply gaze into the crackling flames and allow themselves to daydream the time away. If you were to query a realtor as to the benefits of owning a fireplace, they would quickly confirm that a fireplace is typically on a buyer’s list of “must haves” in a new home which makes owning a fireplace a good investment for a seller. But, to a child, a fireplace is simply where stockings are hung by the chimney with care.

For decades discerning decorators have looked to fireplaces as focal points to be featured in a space thereby enhancing their overall design plan. Fortunately, fireplaces can be adorned to appeal to just about any decorating style. Here are tips for three decorating styles.

Clients who are in favor of cottage or country style décor would be charmed with a fireplace that showcased a simple, light colored wood mantel, a rustic bench, and a basket of firewood sprinkled with pinecones. As an added touch, hang decorative pots and kettles in front of the fireplace grate or strategically place a metal urn on top of the mantle.