20+ Adorable Basement Remodel Ideas For Upgrading Your Room Design

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These days, it’s likely much easier for most Americans to expand the living space within their current home than to try to obtain financing for a new one. A basement remodel is a great option for expanding your home’s living space to your needs inexpensively and without a lot of hassle.

Remodeling your basement involves many of the same considerations as any other construction project. To give an example, you’ll need to take into consideration things like: whether the space has mold or flooding issues pipes that hang low, noisy appliances in the laundry and furnace areas, and very little natural lighting. Don’t let these issues discourage you from moving forward, however. All of these can be sidestepped by way of clever planning.

In the planning phase of your basement remodel, you’ll want to ask yourself exactly what you anticipate the new space will become and ultimately require. Do you want a game room for the kids? Do you want a bar or lounge area for the adults? Maybe your mother-in-law is coming to live with you and needs a room? Were you thinking of starting where your home business will reside? Once you’re sure of what you’ll be attempting, consider whether you’ll need to put to use the entire basement area or just a piece of the space.

A recreation or game room will likely require internet access and cable. If it’s a wet bar you want, you’ll need to run the appropriate plumbing to that area of the basement. A home office space will need a phone and internet hooked up. It’s a good idea to install a restroom area to make the area on par with the other floors of the house.

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